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    • Ian Jester de Vera Post authorReply

      Sorry, sir, if this caused you some inconvenience. What program do you want to enroll in? The program management teams vary from one course to another. For the email address of the specific program management team of the course you want to enroll in, you may call 9287076 to 79 or training.issi@up.edu.ph.

    • Ian Jester de Vera Post authorReply

      Hi. What course are you interested to enroll in? We only require payment of the tuition fee, attendance and completion of the output, which varies from one course to another.

  1. Sandra Reply

    where can we read the course description and modules of each course

  2. Ghar Jheinel Sagum Reply

    Hi. We already register for the 52nd ACCOUNTING FOR NON-ACCOUNTANTS COURSE. What’s the next step?

  3. Joanne Salud Reply

    After completing this course, do we get a certificate of completion?

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