Handog para kay Dong

Tribute for Mr. Leoncio T. Cubillas

The Silence of Sir Dong

We hadn’t heard many words from Sir Dong,
but his brilliance shined through his silence. 
He once said, “work smart, not hard.” 
With this principle, he worked silently but with

        Nobility, and

Inspired by his modest lifestyle, we learned that
inner peace lies in simplicity.

In the silence of our hearts, we thank the Lord for giving us
the chance to work with Sir Dong, a person who unselfishly shared
his grace of wisdom expressed in silence and simplicity.

May Christ receive his soul and present him to God the Most High.
Give him eternal rest, and may eternal light shine upon him forever.

– Malou




Roy Apacible
Kaye Bravo-Coballes
Marsha Delfinado
Joshua Espiritu III
Ferdz Manegdeg
Bernie Villaluna
Daryll Villena

Concept: BEDD and DO staff
Special thanks to all ISSI staff and friends of Sir Dong

HANDOG is one of the favorite songs of Sir Dong. The ISSI family dedicates this Handog production in loving memory of Sir Dong and for our heartfelt sympathy to Ludy, Agnes and Sandro and wife.

Music credit:
Universal Records Philippines
Song: Handog
Artist: Florante

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