2 UP ISSI staff attend APO-DAP Workshop on “Regulatory Ecosystems for Startups”

Two staff from the University of the Philippines Institute for Small-Scale Industries (UP ISSI) attended the Workshop on “Regulatory Ecosystems for Startups”, sponsored by the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) and implemented by the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP).

The workshop aimed to equip participants on the startup ecosystems and their regulatory frameworks that support and accelerate startup success, and to examine existing public regulations and tools that promote startup business.

APO-DAP Workshop
With UP ISSI staff, Ms. Marsha Lee A. Delfinado and Ms. Melanie V. Cabotaje

Ms. Marsha Lee A. Delfinado of the Business and Enterprise Development Division (BEDD) and Ms. Melanie V. Cabotaje of the Research Division (RD) attended the workshop on July 28-30, 2021, from 1 PM to 5:00 PM (Japan Time) via virtual sessions. This was participated in by twelve (12) countries with a total of 39 registered participants and eight (8) local observers.

Here’s what Ms. Cabotaje and Ms. Delfinado have to say about the workshop:

I found the workshop informative and useful, as it provided us with new knowledge and insights about the start-up ecosystem, particularly the experiences and realities in other countries. The learnings we gained gave us a fresh perspective about start-ups e.g. different startup context parameters, factors, metrics per country and in the global context, something which we can apply in our research and extension work.

As mentors and coaches and even program leaders to MSME programs and projects (including start-ups and university spin-offs), we learned that there is a need to calibrate our mindset considering the startup ecosystems in other countries. We also need to collaborate with other startup enablers and stakeholders and strengthen linkages in the ecosystem, especially that of the Philippines because it is generally fragmented. There is a need to catch up (even leapfrog) in terms of developing the MSME sector to provide a flourishing and thriving environment for startups to be more competitive in the global market.” Ms. Delfinado

APO-DAP Workshop
Ms. Melanie V. Cabotaje

The small group discussions gave us an opportunity to share our experiences and insights. There was this discussion wherein the participants were asked to share about what we thought were the top assistance needed by start-ups in order to sustain their operations and grow their enterprises, and even if we came from different countries, our answers were almost the same. This gave us a glimpse of what “start-up ecosystem” looks like across the globe.

The workshop gave us research ideas like looking into experiences of Filipino women who are running/managing start-up enterprises. And since in the Philippines, the way the government defines “start-ups” are more of those technology-based enterprises, it also gave us an idea to look into the practices of micro-entrepreneurs when it comes to technology adoption, what are their challenges and how this can be addressed.” – Ms. Cabotaje

This workshop is particularly relevant at this time as the UP ISSI is currently implementing a start-up enabler program entitled, “Start-up Incubation Provider Tie-UP (SUIT-UP). Under this program, UP ISSI partners with business incubation providers. The Institute complements their programs with business mentoring and coaching services to equip start-up entrepreneurs in building successful enterprises amidst the challenges and difficulties.


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