Advanced Leadership and Management

11 Saturdays

ALMA-Advanced Leadership and Management


The program is offer to UP ISSI Managers Course graduate; and people who currently hold managerial positions (a minimum of three (3) years as a manager experience).

The course aims to produce technology-driven leaders or managers who quickly learn, evaluate, apply and disseminate management information and practices without compromising honor and excellence.

Specifically, at the end of the training the participants should be able to:

  • acquire up-to-date information and practices in critical areas of management;
  • apply such information and practices in their companies with ease and effectiveness through technology, efficient communication, and effective leadership; and
  • become professional managers who are knowledgeable, technology-driven, honor-bound and best of all, sensitive and responsive to their company’s needs.


Course Content:

  • Leading and Managing Change for Continuous Improvement
  • Strategic Planning with Balanced Scorecard
  • Improving Processes with Lean Six Sigma
  • Improving Decision Making with Business Analytics
  • Productivity by Investing in People
  • Learn Accounting in Capital Investment Analysis
  • Creating Products and Processes with Systematic Innovation
  • Accelerating and Improving through Technology Management
  • Engaging the Customers with Quality Deployment
  • Sustainability with Green Technology
  • Guided Business Improvement Action Road Mapping
  • Enterprise Visit to a Philippine Quality Challenge Winner


Register online via UP ISSI Training Calendar

Tel. Nos.: UP ISSI trunkline (+63 2) 8928-7076 to 79 and UP trunkline 8981-8500 local 4054; TM/Globe – 0975-504 9539 and TNT/Smart – 0909-029 1885