Creative and Effective Selling Techniques

6 Saturdays

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The course is open to sales managers, supervisors, and representatives, and small and medium entrepreneurs.

The Creative and Effective Selling Techniques Course is a very appropriate, handy, and timely program. At the end of the course, the participants should be able to:

  • apply the communication tools needed to effectively win customers;
  • identify the innovative selling techniques to ultimately improve overall sales performance;
  • explain the different selling approaches in generating repeat and bigger sales orders through a good understanding of after-sales service; and
  • apply practical technical insights in the art of selling either as a career or simply to gain a strong foothold on the dynamics of salesmanship.

Course Content:

  • Attitudes of a Top Notch Salesman
  • Business Values of Scientific/Practical Approaches in selling
  • Steps in the Selling Process
  • Planned Sales Presentation Outline
  • Activities of the Basic Sales Call Procedure
  • Step-by-step Activities Required in a Sales Call through Role-Play
  • Formulating a Sales Plan


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