UP ISSI is located in the four-storey building, E.T. Virata Hall which is situated inside the Diliman Campus. It is strategically located at the entrance of the University Campus in Diliman. E. T. Virata Hall, nestles against a backdrop of lush greenery. A covered walkway leads the participants, staff, and guests to the main entrance.

Being an internationally- recognized SME training institution, UP ISSI continues to upgrade existing facilities and invest in state-of-the art equipment to accommodate  a growing number of clientele to its expanding catalogue of training courses.

Currently, the Institute runs at least three regular training programs every month. In addition, it permits short-term use of rooms and facilities by outside parties.

Five training classrooms on the third floor of ISSI Bldg. are venues for most of the training programs conducted at the Institute. Three of the rooms are named after prominent Filipino industrialists whose estate provided the seed fund to establish the facility in their honor.

  • The Toribio M. Teodoro Room can accommodate up to 80 people,
  • The Jose G. Sanvictores Room can sit up to 45 persons.
  • The Sotero Baluyut Lee Room has capacity for 45 persons.

Each training room is fully air-conditioned, equipped with slide whiteboards, a mounted projector, and provided with a raised platform and rostrum for the lecturer. Other audio-visual equipment and sound system with theatrical lighting can be installed in the rooms as needed. In preparation for the forthcoming programs that will be conducted via e-Learning mode, the Small Enterprises Research and Development Foundation (SERDEF), UP ISSI’s major private sector partner, has already acquired some basic equipment including a 37” LCD screen, external hard drive, and a laptop.

The IAIC Laboratory, for instrumentation and control trainees, is located on the Ground Floor of the ISSI Building. It can accommodate up to 25 persons. The adjacent IAIC Lecture Room can sit up to 45 persons.

The following equipment enables trainees to simulate instrumentation and control processes:

Name of Equipment and Specifications
  For Electro-Pneumatics and Programmable Logic Control Courses
Quantity For Electro-Pneumatics and Programmable Logic Control Courses
21 Desktop Computer, Quadcore processor, 2 MB memory, 500 Gig. HDD
8 Electro-Pneumatics Training Unit
8 Omron Programmable Logic Controller Training Unit
1 Allen Bradley SLC 503 Programmable Logic Controller
10 Omron Basic Circuit Trainer
6 Omron photoelectric sensor
7 Omron proximity sensor
1 Air compressor, 7.5 hp
4 Steel rack for banana electrical jack
  For Instrumentation Courses
1 Ashcroft Pressure test gauge
1 Dry block calibrator
2 Flotech Instruments Corp. (New Port Electronics, Inc.) controller
1 Honeywell-UDC 2000 Mini-Pro temperature controller
1 Max Thermo – MC-2538 temperature controller
2 Omron S82K-05024, 24V power supply
1 Omron E8F2-AOIC, pressure indicator
1 Yokogawa pneumatic controller
4 Wheeler tester, Model WD-302 and WDM-304
3 Flatrack 4541 resistance temperature detector
1 Type K thermocouple
2 Different pressure transmitter
4 HC 001 (resistance)

The UP ISSI Plaza is located in the Second Floor. It is a multi-purpose open-space area that is very much appropriate for big gatherings of 200 – 300 persons.

The UP ISSI Lounge, available for small group meetings, fora, and workshops, is also located on the Ground Floor of the Building. It has capacity for 30 people. It is provided with a conference table and TV with video player for visual presentations.

Internet access through the UP campus network is restricted to the offices on the fourth floor of the Building. There are ‘hot spots’ or Wi-fi Zone areas around the Building that allow alternate access to the Internet.   A wide parking space awaits guests and participants who bring their own vehicles.