UP ISSI conducts Industry Cluster Project with DTI-NCR

Photo credit: freeimages.com
Photo credit: freeimages.com

Consistent with its mandate as a research and extension unit of the University, UP ISSI’s Research Division is currently involved in the Industry Cluster Project commissioned by the Department of Trade and Industry – National Capital Region Office (DTI-NCRO).

This project takes into consideration the Value Chain approach used by DTI-Regional Office Group to capture all the stakeholders in the playing field of each industry cluster analyzing the strengths and challenges and the identification of programs/activities/projects that may shape the economic future in all of the country’s 16 regions. In line with this approach is the National Industry Cluster Capacity Enhancement Project (NICCEP) which aims also aims to capacitate the stakeholder in each industry cluster.

DTI-NCRO cites that there is a need to revisit the value chain map and the industry cluster plan of the NCR cluster team to set the direction for the industry to prosper.

The project focuses on five industry clusters in NCR: cacao, coffee, health and wellness, homestyle and wearables (previously known as tourism support), and processed fruits and nuts.

Specifically, the project aims to: prepare industry profile or situationer for the NCR stakeholders of the five identified industry clusters, develop the value chain map of the mentioned industries and identify the possible interventions or assistance to contribute to the inclusive growth of employment, income, and investment generation.

It also involves identifying major industry players and stakeholders, industry strengths and weakness, and strategies to address gaps and issues in each cluster.

The Industry Cluster Project is set to be completed by the end of 2nd quarter of 2016.

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