UP ISSI program review workshop: an opportunity for reflection for leadership team

Clinical psychologist and neurotherapist Dr. Leticia Peñano-Ho (left) compares notes with Prof. Rolando Ramon C. Diaz, UP ISSI’s administrative officer, during the recently concluded program review workshop at the First Pacific Leadership Academy in Antipolo City. Also in the photo is UP ISSI’s head of research, Gloria S. Recio.

The UP ISSI leadership team composed of the heads of the different divisions and their assistants took the opportunity while the Institute is in a leadership transition to review past accomplishments and reflect on their mission to serve the small and medium enterprise sector in the country.

The UP ISSI program review workshop was held on 14 and 15 February 2017 at the First Pacific Leadership Academy in Antipolo City and was planned to be a precursor to a more programmatic strategic planning workshop that was expected to be initiated by the next administration.

Led by UP ISSI’s officer-in-charge Dr. Fidel R. Nemenzo and facilitated by clinical psychologist and neurotherapist Dr. Leticia Peñano-Ho, the two-day workshop turned out to be an opportunity for the different heads to reflect on their mandates and review the accomplishments of each division in relation to ISSI’s overall mission to support small-scale industries in the country.

Through various exercises and group activities, the executive team recognized that their intertwined roles, both personal and professional as well as their multiple roles at home or in the office, influence their work in the Institute and thus they are forced to “juggle” these responsibilities and make some compromises in the end.

Toward the conclusion of the workshop the leadership team learned about how the dominance of either side of the human brain influences the personality of a person.   They also learned about “self-mastery” to become good facilitators and took advantage of the time to make the commitment and the resolve to improve their work in the Institute.

Discussions centered on renewing ISSI’s commitment to align its processes with the ISO standards with a separate session already planned to iron out the details of what has been done so far.

At the end of the workshop the leaders found a renewed interest to continue the commendable work they have started and work out to improve the current practices to align them with the Institute’s core mission of promoting entrepreneurship and developing small enterprises in the country.

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