UP ISSI welcomes 2018 with three Training Programs

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

Every new year marks a new beginning. It is a time when we make extra effort to ponder about the future and what we want to achieve in life. A number of people decide to act on their dreams. They begin the year by opening the door of opportunities. For some, the first step to the journey of self-improvement is through attending training programs with a desire to gain new knowledge and develop skills.

The 27th of January 2018 marked the beginning of the series of training programs that will be conducted by the Institute for the year. It has been a tradition for UP ISSI to welcome participants on their first day.  The opening ceremonies for the 116th Managers Course, 51st Accounting for Non-Accountants, and 62nd Productivity through Effective Supervision was led by Prof. Rolando Ramon C. Diaz, Officer-In-Charge of UP ISSI.

“The race is not won by the swiftest but by those who endure persistently until the finish line,” quoted Prof. Diaz as he welcomed the participants of the three programs. These insightful words served to inspire the participants as they take on the journey for continuing education. He concluded his keynote message by challenging everyone to optimize the learnings from every class and said that he expects to see them all again after they completed their respective courses.

With UP ISSI’s mandate to promote entrepreneurship and support the micro, small, and medium enterprises of the country, it is dedicated to offer quality and relevant trainings. You may check the 2018 Training Calendar here.

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