MSMED Week 2018: Training on Digital Marketing 

Tips on How to Improve your Online Marketing

UP ISSI staff attended the MSMED Week 2018 with the theme: “Leveling Up MSMEs for Success and Growth.” The 2-day session series was organized by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) held at the Philippine Trade Training Center from July 12 to 13, 2018.

Day 1 focused on Merchandising on the Web, and the morning session was presented by Samuel Jeanblanc, Sales Manager of Google Philippines, and Ken Lingan, Country Manager of Google Philippines.  The talk revolved around Google My Business— how startups and small businesses, particularly in remote areas, can leverage their brands or services through connecting them online with digital marketing plans.  “That’s the reason why we’re here today, we really believe in partnering with PTTC to help and enable every single business in the Philippines. To see the power built in the internet (marketing) and how we could help grow your business and make it successful …the internet is leveling the commerce game. It’s not the size of the business” as explained by Lingan.

MSMED Week Training on Digital Marketing
On the deck with Samuel Jeanblanc, as he demonstrate the digital opportunity and landscape.

Back then, it’s all about the size of the front display or how big your store was. You could be a shopping mall or you could be a small store; in the eyes of someone online; all of these stores are in similar sizes, with equal competition.  It’s not about the size of the resources; it’s about smart, hard-work, and creativity. The other thing that involves the internet today is that it also allows every business to be global from day 1. In the past, it’s only companies which had the resources to do exports. But through the internet, every single business can export with the help of internet and technology.

If the internet is leveling the playing field, then small business entrepreneurs should be excited to embrace this progress. Digital commerce is just starting, but the digital influence is already massive. People search for products and services using their mobile phones, and most of these searches use Google Maps. Businesses should make it easy to find relevant information like their store hours, contact information and location. If you’re a small business owner or a startup wanting to scale up, here are some tips from the MSMED Week 2018: Training on Digital Marketing:

Internet Search. There is a tool called Google My Business, a free business tool to get you started and develop your online presence. It includes Google My Business Website Builder where you can create a free website for your business aligned to your Google My Business branding.


How to Improve your Online Marketing

Content Marketing. Create a content strategy with specific goals and targets. Think of how you can earn visibility and linkages from your website. Relevant content can be in different formats, like text and video. You can also create compelling content that drives people’s searches to headlines containing:
  •  “How to” articles
  •  “Top 10” lists
  • Educational and Informative material

Email Marketing. Can be an effective method if presented in a short and professional format. Make sure to construct a great email blast with a clear subject line, a call to action, great mobile design, content targeted or personalized recipients, and correct spelling and grammar.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your business website visibility will not appear in search engine rankings overtime, so you need to build your site systematically and maintain basic SEO. Organize your website structure, begin with good page titles and descriptions, create useful and original content, and optimize the images to improve the website page loading time.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM). A digital advertisement you can utilize to boost your brand or website. Define goals in advance, you can start by creating compelling ads with targeted audience and demographics. High-impact search campaigns with AdWords can be customized depending on your needs. You need to set a budget and control where to display the ads. Choose from Pay per click or phone calls.

MSMED Week Training on Digital Marketing
Lazada, one of the country’s top online selling platform, shared a refresher course on the basics of e-Commerce 101.

The afternoon session was dedicated to e-Commerce integration with Lazada Philippines as the main presenter. Topics discussed include: the future of shopping, using Facebook to increase sales, how to fulfill orders effortlessly, producing awesome product photos on a budget, and the Lazada advantage.

Filipinos are digitizing fast. For MSMEs, knowing the digital opportunity and the full works will prepare your business to be globally competitive.


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