Immersion at UP ISSI Library: LIS Internship and Learning Experiences

Library and Information Science (LIS) Internship and Learning Experiences

Now on its second year, the University of the Philippines Institute for Small-Scale Industries (UP ISSI) partnered with the Bulacan State University (BulSU) for the internship program of their Library and Information Science (LIS) students. From 19 February to 28 March 2019, the students underwent the Library Internship Program which aims to provide students with exposure to all facets of LIS work through immersion in actual libraries and information centers in both private and private sectors.

Realizing this, the UP ISSI through its Library prepared immersive learning opportunities for its Library Interns to ensure that they could demonstrate the expected learning outcomes required to pass the Library Internship Program. These opportunities included activities which required them to apply the acquired knowledge in the classroom to actual work environment such as indexing and abstracting, writing annotated bibliographies and preserving records having historical value through digitization; scholarly research activities such as submission of articles; and co-curricular activities such as participation to UP ISSI activities and library learning tours.

As part of the immersive learning output, the Library Interns shared their learning experiences by identifying some of the best practices of the UP Diliman Libraries which they believe other libraries may also adopt, to wit:

      1. Integration of information and communication technologies (ICT) in library operation in order to meet the changing learning patterns of students;
      2. Provisions for special library spaces that include learning commons, collaborative workstations, discussion rooms, and The Reading Zone in which research claims that the use of such library spaces relate positively to student academic performance;
      3. Promotion of academic rapport by offering special services such as social media initiatives that make students feel the sense of belongingness to the University; and
      4. Foster a sense of responsibility among library users as they make use of its resources through advocacy such as the Engineering Library campaign, “I need, I value, I love my Library.

Immersion at UP ISSI Library: LIS Internship and Learning Experiences

Immersion at UP ISSI Library: LIS Internship and Learning Experiences

Immersion at UP ISSI Library: LIS Internship and Learning Experiences

With the library tour, coupled with their immersion at the UP ISSI Library, the Library Interns learned not just the basic knowledge on the actual library operation but more importantly, the outcomes of the library services and programs in students’ academic life. Evidently, the positive academic performance, culture of reading and research, and proficiency on information literacy among students are some of the demonstrable evidences to prove that truly the UP Diliman Libraries, in general, are performing their indispensable role as contributor to students’ lifelong learning.

With inputs from UP ISSI Library Interns:
Rialyn S. Antonio, Angelica G. Fernando, Ma. Venilyn Mabura, and Ren Alen M. Vigas



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