The University of the Philippines – Institute for Small Scale Industries will be holding a one-day forum entitled: #AI4SMEs.

Recent technological developments have been unprecedented in scale, scope and complexity, fundamentally changing the way we live, work and interact with one another. These changes bring a lot of uncertainty. Robotics, 3D technologies, Internet of Things, among others, transform ways of production, exponentially enhancing efficiencies and reducing costs. While this is a welcome improvement, qualms on how it would affect industries abound. A number of studies reveal high probability of job loss in employments requiring repetitive tasks as these workers would may be replaced with robots. There are also forecasts of greater inequality resulting from technological disruptions, pushing further below the development spectrum the non-adopters or laggards.

Taking these into account, enablers are called on to invest in Research and Development, build software infrastructure, and enhance capacity development. These interventions are hoped to equip institutions to be complementary factors for inclusive development and future-readiness.

The Institute is addressing this challenge by initially increasing awareness on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4ID) among micro, small and medium enterprises and other stakeholders. Hopefully this would propel us to engage in the discourse on latest technologies and ignite ideas on how we could adapt and adopt.

#AI4SMEs aims to:

  1.  Increase awareness on 4ID technologies among SMEs and other stakeholders
  2.  Provide insights on how 4ID might impact SMEs
  3.  Showcase SMEs adopting AI technologies
  4.  Share experiences on the actual effects of AI technologies
  5.  Identify potential partners of the Institute in developing an introductory AI course for SMEs


REGISTER online at #AI4SMEs.

Date and Duration: December 7, 2019, Saturday
8:00am – 4:30pm
Venue: UP Institute for Small Scale Industries


*We will only accommodate limited number of participants.

For those who registered via our Online Form at Eventbrite, please expect an email/text from UP ISSI regarding the instructions on how to confirm your slot.

#AI4SMEs Indicative program
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3 thoughts on “#AI4SMEs

  1. Julie Ann Soriano Reply

    Hi I belong to micro enterprise and I am developing a digital trash bin main goal is to teach every Filipino how to segregate waste disposal in a fun way. The system needs help of AI system.

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