Kwentahan Tayo: Pinadaling Accounting Para Sa ‘Yong Negosyo Year 2020

By Dean Aljohn Imasa

With the goal of helping micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), the UP Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (UPJPIA) has launched accounting talks entitled “Kwentahan Tayo: Pinadaling Accounting para sa’yong Negosyo.” Through programs that aim to educate and develop the entrepreneurial and financial skills of these business owners, UPJPIA aims to help small businesses grow and improve their financials and operations. In partnership with UP Institute for Small-Scale Industries and DTI- NCR Office and Alliance End to End Solutions Inc., the seminar-workshop was conducted in two consecutive Saturdays (February 29 and March 7, 2020) held at UP ISSI.

This recent Kwentahan series, as opposed to the previous one, UPJPIA conducted seminars for the two most sought topics which is Basic Accounting and Taxation. Based on the last series, it was found out that majority of the participants asked more questions regarding these two topics, however with a half-day schedule the opportunity to be answered was limited. With this, UPJPIA made a leap by conducting a whole-day seminar providing more time for the question and answer portion as well as the workshop.

Kwentahan Tayo: Pinadaling Accounting Para Sa ‘Yong Negosyo Year 2020

These seminars were created as UPJPIA’s CSR event to help businesses improve their operations by helping them understand the principles of accounting and making it easier for them to understand their own financials. For the past few years, we have managed to get speakers that require no fee for their services as instructors in the talks.

The speaker for the first session on Basic Accounting Theory was Neil Jason Lopez, while for the second session on Taxation were Kendra Miranda Lorin and Remvert Bryan Placido. Targeted for non-accountant audiences, including small business owners, such as sari-sari store owners, and aspiring entrepreneurs, the talk was divided into a seminar for the discussion of the lectures and a workshop afterwards to apply what they had learned into practice.

The next Kwentahan’s goal is to make the event more meaningful and insightful but still for free. UPJPIA has a lot in store for incoming semesters and we hope that participants would still give the appreciation they have shown in the past years for these free seminars.

Kwentahan Tayo: Pinadaling Accounting Para Sa ‘Yong Negosyo Year 2020

With this, we would like to thank UP ISSI for the accommodation they have given us. Hoping to have another good partnership next semester and in the years to come!

Dean Aljohn Imasa is Accounting Services and Transparency Adhoc Vice Chairperson of the UP JPIA

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