Philippine Startup Week 2022

Philippine Startup Week 2022
Philippine Startup Week 2022 poster

The fourth iteration of Philippine Startup Week will take place from November 14–18, 2022. This nationwide conference, which this year’s theme is “Homegrown Heroes: Cultivating Future Tech Giants,” brings together the local startup community and, over the course of a week-long event, highlights the various sectors, organizations, and homegrown high-potential startups contributing to the expanding Philippine startup ecosystem.

Philippine Startup Week 2022 (PHSW22) brings together entrepreneurs, investors, corporations, academic institutions, the media, and government organizations to encourage cooperation, creativity, and the use of existing resources to expand the Philippine startup ecosystem.

Join the country’s largest 5-day startup conference! Registration is free via

“In recent years, the Philippine startup landscape has seen growth in terms of participation, customer acquisition, and funding. The rise of our growing ecosystem has given hope to a lot of individuals, communities, and industries that homegrown successes can still be built and scaled further in the years to come. With that, PHSW22 sets out to tackle sustaining the growth of the local startup scene while forging long-term partnerships, investments, and collaboration to take the ecosystem a step further.

After two years online, PHSW22 is finally going hybrid—showcasing over 150 homegrown startups, 200 speakers, and 100 community events with the help of over 50 community partners.” – PHSW

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PHSW22 is organized by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), Department of Trade & Industry (DTI), Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), and QBO Innovation Hub.


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