ISSI kicks off the new year with strategic planning and target setting

ISSI kicks off the new year with strategic planning and target setting
Day 1 of strategic planning and target setting

It was the first week of the New Year and the whole Institute went off to a fresh beginning with UP ISSI Director Melanie Moraga-Leaño spearheading the Strategic Planning and Target Setting’s two-day event to achieve the desired outcomes for 2023 and beyond. 

The first day of the strategic planning started with the opening remarks of Dir. Leaño and the accomplishment reports of the five divisions.

Ms. Nadine Mislan, head of the Administrative Delivery Division (ADD), summarized her division’s achievement for last year. She noted the help of the newly hired staff that made the distribution of work quite easier and the creation of databases for easy filing and retrieval of documents.   

Meanwhile, Mr. Reynold Ferdinand Manegdeg, head of the Business Enterprise Development Division (BEDD), reported the projects done by the division, specifically the completed Science for the Convergence of Agriculture and Tourism (SciCAT) project, a collaborative project with the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST-PCAARRD) and the Institute. Together with Messrs Karen Kaye Bravo-Coballes, Marsha Lee Delfinado, and Ma. Luisa Solarte-Lee, Manegdeg detailed the BEDD’s ongoing and forthcoming projects for this year.

The Research Division (RD), on the other hand, reported their achievements, specifically the research and publications of guidebooks and smart guides. The division’s “crowning glory,” was the publication of their research on women entrepreneurs. Ms. Berna Escoto did the report on behalf of the RD head, Dr. Ian Jester De Vera, who was in quarantine during the presentation. 

Engr. Rolando Ramon Diaz, head of the Training and Entrepreneurship Education Division (TEED), reported on the works finished by his Division. He mentioned the 38 webinars (from July 2020 up to December 2022), with a total of 3,727 attendance—72% of these were MSMEs. 

ISSI kicks off the new year with strategic planning and target setting
Day 2 of strategic planning and target setting with UP ISSI Director Melanie Moraga-Leaño

The Director’s Office (DO) reported last with Dir. Leaño stating the posting of the Annual Report and the two newsletters last year. She also mentioned the technical support for the website, digital marketing, and the digitization of all resources in the library as DO’s achievement.

A  two hour seminar on the crafting of the Office Performance Commitment and Review (OPCR) by the representatives from the UP Human Resource Development Office (HRDO) followed up with Mr. Rogelio Estrada, division chief of HRDO’s planning and research division and Ms. Glenda Glodoveza, section chief of the monitoring and evaluation. The OPCR was added to the strat plan to guide all the divisions of ISSI in the alignment of their targets vis-à-vis with the University’s mandate. 

The afternoon session was the review of vision and mission as well as the review of the current organization structure and directions for 2023.  Dir. Leaño also mentioned the institutional plans and projects for the year and the introduction of several committees that all staff should have signed on for membership.  The actual crafting of the OPCR and the target setting for each division came up next and the synthesis of the day’s event by Mr. Jefferson Sumalabe ended the first day of the two-day strategic planning. 

The second day started with TEED’s energizer and last part of the OPCR workshop and target setting.  The culminating activity, the presentation of targets for 2023 by all the divisions followed before the lunch break. 

The afternoon session came up with the open forum and the synthesis of the day’s activities by Ms. Joanna Rose Laddaran while the closing remark was given by Dir. Leaño to end the program. 

UP ISSI staff
UP ISSI staff

“Let us have a culture of appreciation and let us contribute to the institution for all our common good,”  Dir.  Leano quipped to sum up the successful  January 5-6 event. 


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