UP ISSI returns to face-to-face implementation of regular training programs

UP ISSI Training Programs

After three years of online modality, the University of the Philippines Institute for Small-Scale Industries commenced 2023 with four regular programs returning to face-to-face setup in January and February.

The 126th Manager Course (MC) opened last January 28, while the 63rd Accounting for Non-Accountants (AfNA), 73rd Productivity through Effective Supervision (PES), and 8th Digital Marketing Course (DMC) simultaneously started on February 11.

Due to the COVID-19 from 2020 to 2022, the UP ISSI’s Training and Entrepreneurship Education Division (TEED) transitioned the conduct of its regular training programs to online platforms. This helped the institute to adapt and serve its clients despite the challenging period.

But with the easing of pandemic restrictions at the end of 2022, the institute decided to return to face-to-face implementation of majority of its training programs for the year 2023.

In addition, the institute will still be offering online and hybrid training programs to accommodate clients who prefer this mode and those who face limitations like distance and location.

The programs which will be conducted online, and hybrid are as follows:


        • 64th Accounting for Non-Accountants (AfNA) – May 27 to July 1
        • 74th Productivity through Effective Supervision (PES) – May 27 to July 1
        • 9th Digital Marketing Course (DMC) – June 3 to July 8
        • 3rd Data Analytics Course (DAC) – June 20 to July 22
        • 127th Managers Course (MC) – July 8 to November 25


        • 60th Start Your Own Business Course – June 3 to July 15
        • 61st Start Your Own Business Course – September 2 to October 17

The institute continues to extend platforms and opportunities that cater to the needs and demands of the ever changing and growing MSME sector. If you, your company or MSME, or anyone you know are interested in joining our training programs kindly accomplish the 2023 UP ISSI Training Registration Form.

UP ISSI 126th Manager Course (MC)
  126th Manager Course (MC)
UP ISSI 73rd Productivity through Effective Supervision (PES)
73rd Productivity through Effective Supervision (PES)
UP ISSI 63rd Accounting for Non-Accountants (AfNA)
       63rd Accounting for Non-Accountants (AfNA)   
UP ISSI 8th Digital Marketing Course (DMC)
8th Digital Marketing Course (DMC)
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