Showcasing the Best of Pinoy MSMEs at BUYanihan sa Diliman Bazaar

UP ISSI BUYanihan sa Diliman
1st Pinoy MSME Showcase
25-27 May 2023

BUYanihan sa Diliman vendors
At the UP ISSI Plaza

The University of the Philippines Institute for Small-Scale Industries (UP ISSI) hosted an exciting event that celebrates and promotes the ingenuity and resilience of Filipino micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). The BUYanihan sa Diliman – 1st Pinoy MSME Showcase promised a remarkable platform for MSMEs to exhibit their products, network with industry experts, and gain exposure to a wider audience. This groundbreaking initiative is poised to make a significant influence on the local business landscape. 

The BUYanihan sa Diliman bazaar aims to highlight the pivotal role that MSMEs play in the Philippine economy. These enterprises contribute to job creation, innovation, and overall economic growth. However, many MSMEs face numerous challenges such as limited resources, lack of market access, and difficulties in scaling their operations. This event seeks to address these challenges by providing a supportive environment where MSMEs can thrive and prosper.

The showcase featured a diverse range of products from various sectors, including food and beverages, fashion and accessories, home and lifestyle, and many more. Attendees expected to discover hidden gems, unique creations, and high-quality offerings from Filipino entrepreneurs. From delectable artisanal treats to eco-friendly fashion pieces, the showcase will be a treasure trove of innovative and locally-made products.


BUYanihan sa Diliman Bazaar

The participating MSMEs during the three-day event:

Nutribasket. Inc., Llano Farmers MPC, Fullmight Agricultural Corp., DOST PCAARRD LSPU-ATBI, Sir Mong’s Foods, Malabon Craft and Non-Craft Livelihood Association, YZHNY Enterprise, The RCA Home, Aling Tasings Tamales, Human Nature, Nova Sushi Food Products , Craft and Cranks, Laroce Shop, Gantala Press, Maflor Home of Healthy Food, Jerby’s Native Wooden Blinds, Blessed Pamana Peanut Butter Mfg., UCORP, Concepto Café and Events Management Inc, Airoms Leathercraft, Echek’s Homemade Peanut Butter, Madman’s Cave, RR Herbosido Herbal Products Mfg., Jeanjin Online Shop, Meiscents Perfume, and JM Cruz Fruit Juice Manufacturing.

BUYanihan sa Diliman vendor
Ms. Margaret Romaraog-Campos, Maflor Home of Healthy Foods. (Photo by: D. Villena)

What sets the BUYanihan sa Diliman apart is its commitment to providing holistic support to MSMEs. Beyond just a free venue for product display, the event offers marketing their products and networking opportunities. Moreover, the showcase encourages collaboration and partnership among MSMEs. By fostering an environment of camaraderie and cooperation, participating merchants had the chance to build connections and explore potential synergies. This collaborative spirit is crucial for the growth and sustainability of MSMEs, as they can leverage each other’s strengths and overcome shared obstacles.

The BUYanihan sa Diliman not only benefits the participating entrepreneurs but also the general public. Visitors have the opportunity to support local businesses, discover unique products, and contribute to the growth of the Philippine economy. By choosing to buy from MSMEs, consumers can make a direct and meaningful impression on the lives of Filipino entrepreneurs, helping them build sustainable livelihoods and secure a brighter future.

UP ISSI as bazaar organizer, ensures the widest reach and impact to leverage various marketing and promotional channels. Traditional media, social media platforms, and community partnerships are utilized to create buzz and generate interest in the showcase. Through effective marketing strategies, the BUYanihan sa Diliman attracts a diverse audience, including potential customers and industry influencers.

The BUYanihan sa Diliman, organized by UP ISSI, is an innovative event that celebrates the inventiveness, resilience, and ingenuity of Filipino MSMEs. The showcase helps MSMEs overcome obstacles and scale new heights by giving them a supportive platform, opportunity, and a collaborative environment. This event not only promoted the expansion of every enterprise but also helped the Philippines’ economy as a whole. As our local MSMEs continue to have a significant effect on the progress of our country, let’s embrace the spirit of “BUYanihan” and give them our support.


Meanwhile, here are the raffle and photo booth selfies winners of the BUYanihan held last May 25-27, 2023, at the 2nd Floor Open Plaza of the UP ISSI. 

May 25 raffle:

Daryll Villena, Baby Luningning Fontanillas, Lea Garzon, Narita de las Alas, Helen Catalan, Klara Bilbao, Rebecca Verzola, Rowena Melican, Sendy Delos Reyes, Syder Jess Nocos, Junette Gonzales, Allysa Nicole Pelaco, Joannalyn Rubiato, Ryan Martinez, Michaela Mei Quiñones, Crinezza Mendoza, Evarista Olorvida and Joshua Garcia.

May 26 raffle:

Laura Ginoy, Neldie De Jesus, Joshua Garcia, Rodger Lacsama, Jaylyn Manglicmot, Jubilee Ira Marquez, Banaue Miclat-Janssen, Grace Torres, Jannette Pinzon, Remy De Guzman, Louie Nibres, Monina Angeles, Joanna Laddaran, Eunice Pembo, Haidee Rosete, Rhodora De Castro, Francisca Naval, Christine Avila, Luzviminda Estrella and Belenda Bonafus.

May 27 raffle:

Michael Montirola, Mick Ira Gutierrez, Phoebe Mae Rostrata, Genesis Grace Tejoso, Julia Samson, Josefa Gonzales, Banaue Miclat-Janssen, Michelle Deloria, Mary Joy Fadri, Joseph Benitez, Monina Angeles, Rodolfo Tajores, Rayza Mae Moran, Teresita Osido, Celeste Salonga, Princess Maturan, Dr. Carla Virtudazo, Joi Baudillo, Jastine Mae Laping, and Armin Ria Toquero.

Photo booth selfies winners:

Rosell Jalova Tingco, Alma Telebrico, Next Layderos, Jenny Caso-Lampaz, and Al Lopez Ventura.


With inputs from Arlene Borjal (raffle winners)


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