ISSI 2019 Strategic Planning: Finding innovative ways

Strategic Planning Workshop

UP ISSI held its three-day Strategic Planning Workshop for the year 2019 and beyond, last 6-8 December 2018 at Punta De Fabian Resort in Baras, Rizal.

Dr. Aleli B. Bawagan, opened the Strategic Planning Workshop and summed up what would the three-day workshop need to accomplish, citing everyone’s duty to “imbibing the ISSI core values, finding innovative ways to what have been accustomed to, and looking for the right direction of ISSI.”

issi 2019 strategic planning finding innovative ways
UP ISSI practicing Appreciative Inquiry: Searching for the best in people, during its Strategic Planning Workshop 2018 lead by Dir. Aleli B. Bawagan.

UP Chancellor Michael L. Tan, also gave his message as read by Vice Chancellor for Research and Development, Dr. Fidel R. Nemenzo. Dr. Tan’s message dwelled on a challenge for everyone to be innovative, “to find ways to diversify products or use of variety for market segmentation.” He likened an example of lowly tablea (chocolate tablet) which could be processed to be consumed by diabetics as an example of innovation.

Dr. Nemenzo, meanwhile, talked on the role of SME in the national development, citing SME’s contribution to the GDP. He also gave a challenge to ISSI to benchmark its programs with other institutes or universities and the need to have policy information that could be a one-stop information regarding SME.

issi 2019 strategic planning finding innovative ways
UP ISSI on its second day of the Strategic Planning Workshop at Punta de Fabian, Baras, Rizal. After looking at the opportunities, threats, and trends from the outside environment and the Philippine MSME industry on the first day, we are now looking at strengths and challenges within the Institute.

UP ISSI representative and longtime partner from Department of Trade and Industry, Director Jerry T. Clavecillas, gave a rousing message citing “going back to basics” as a direction of pursuit. He also reminded everyone to be “initiative and people centric” and that an institution like ISSI should have an identity. He likewise encouraged ISSI to link itself to other agencies and be at the forefront of MSME by becoming visible and to use networking.

Each divisions of ISSI also came up presentations on balanced scorecards and strategic plans while results of Cities and Municipalities Competitiveness Index was also shared.

The strategic planning workshop ended with the assessment of Dir. Bawagan regarding what ISSI should dealt with: HR improvement; organizational development; inter-division concept (with a collaborative proposal for an MSME program to be headed by different staff of each divisions); finance; and ISSI as a social critic.

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