Engr. Leoncio T. Cubillas, Jr.: a befitting award for a job well-done

A complete surprise,” thus says the winner of the University’s most prestigious award for the staff of the University of the Philippines Diliman.

Meet the winner of the 2019 Gawad Tsanselor for Natatanging REPS from UP ISSI, Engr. Leoncio T. Cubillas, Jr.

Sir Dong, as everyone fondly calls him, has been in the Institute since 1976. He worked first as Engineering Assistant and presently holds the position of University Extension Specialist V.

Engr. Leoncio T. Cubillas, Jr.
Engr. Leoncio T. Cubillas, Jr.

Mr. Cubillas is head of the Business Enterprise Development Division of the Institute wherein his division provides services on “innovation, technology entrepreneurship, quality, and productivity improvement and the usual business counseling and other technical assistance to various sectors.”

Sir Dong is expert in project development and feasibility studies preparations. He renders services as Project Manager of Biodiversity Partnerships Project funded by the United Nations Development  Programme-Global Environmental Finance.

He is also active lecturer, mentor, coach, and evaluator to various training programs being offered by the Institute like the Start Your Own Business, Productivity for Effective Supervision and others.

Sir Dong got his Bachelor in Electrical Engineering at the Cebu Institute of Technology in 1976 and the Master of Technology Management from UP Diliman in 1998.

The award he received is just fitting for the services he has rendered for the Institute and for the University since he is set to retire this August.

I am not retired, I will just fade away,” Sir Dong muttered as he looks forward for his retirement from work.

Congratulations, Sir Dong!


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