The Bamboo Company: the business for the eco-friendly millennial

Mr. Jamico Jamlang

Meet the young entrepreneur, Jamico Jamlang, a licensed Chemical Engineer slash social entrepreneur slash founder and managing director of online business—The Bamboo Company. You don’t have to guess what his company is selling, but you have to understand the passion this millennial has to conserving the environment by founding a company through innovative use of bamboo. We recently bumped into him during the Tara Na! Negosyo Na! Year 9 event of UP ISSI. Read on.

The company

I’m Jamico Jamlang, the Founder and Managing Director of The Bamboo Company.

The Bamboo Company is a social enterprise start up that provides eco-friendly solutions through bamboo. We have three things that we do: we sell bamboo products, we support NGO’s that conserve marine resources, and we provide livelihoods to the rural communities in the Philippines. I started this enterprise two years ago, last Dec. 2017. I started with the bamboo toothbrush, where we sell it to millennials. They are the ones who have this passion of conservation of our environment.

Samples of The Bamboo Company products

By providing toothbrushes, we were able to expand to different bamboo product, like the watch, the tumbler, sunglasses, lunch box, and all those things. This enterprise already has grown to be a brand that people knows.  We are transitioning already from an online store to an offline store, where we will have physical store in Quezon City.

Failures or challenges faced in running a business

What I would like to share on a business failure is more on losing some resources.

I think I’ll just share one of the few challenges that I had faced in running the enterprise.  The first challenge is more on enabling our mission to be bought by our consumers.  Our mission is to help the environment, through using bamboo products.

When we first started, we were just laughed at by people like having this bamboo toothbrush.  How do I use it, what’s it for me?  They are just laughing at what is the bamboo toothbrush being sold.  We were able to really push our advocacy for helping the environment by enabling that and we are able to get attention in the community.  In the society right now, we would know that there are a lot of enterprises that sell as well this bamboo toothbrush and other bamboo products.

Another challenge is more on building of the enterprise as a whole not just building the name or the brand but also building the team behind it.  Building the system that would work on it and building the capability of the whole enterprise. Right now, I’m still working on it. I’m trying to build the team and enabling them to be more capable, for us to expand our enterprise as a whole. That’s a challenge that I had to face as entrepreneur.

Advice for would be entrepreneurs

For me it’s not about what you tell people or what you tell your consumer. It’s not about what they hear.  It’s more about what they feel about the brand.  What they feel about your service and what they feel about your product.

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