Connie Labitan: Adapting to change amidst the pandemic

Meet Concepcion P. Labitan, UP ISSI’s energetic Resource Person (RP) of more than 15 years.   

Ma’am Connie, as we fondly called her, owns the CPL Management Consultancy. She is Ph. D candidate in Counseling Psychology at De La Salle University and has a Master in Business Administration and Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Major in Marketing at University of Perpetual Help Rizal and University of Santo Tomas, respectively.

As an experienced HR consultant, Labitan performed diagnostic assessment of the business, hired and trained people, made recommendations and executed programs and policies of an enterprise. That and coupled with her exposure to people from different walks of life and profession allowed her to be a catalyst of change—doing transformational process of a person amidst cultural diversity and enriching their spiritual dimension, personal and professional core values. 

Ma’am Connie has been an RP to various training programs of the Institute. She started in Marketing then she shifted later to Human Resource in the following program offering: Strategic Human Resource Management, Managers Course, and Productivity through Effective Supervision.

 Teaching at UP ISSI is both a remarkable and rewarding experience,” Labitan quipped. 

As an RP, Labitan faced several challenges in teaching at the Institute.  According to her, those challenges are:  changes in course content, various teaching methodologies and strategies employed that will suit the needs of student learners as well as the preparedness and dynamism shown by the Program Management Team (PMT) in handling several programs. 

But she rose to those challenges, always. 

A trainer must always adapt to changing business environment, current trends and practices, technological advancement, global issues and continuing innovative approaches in one’s area of specialization,” Labitan expounded when asked about the challenges she encountered as a Resource Person of the Institute’s training programs. 

Indeed, one has to innovate in order to be on top with today’s current situation. With the covid-19 pandemic in our midst, the Institute is offering eSYOB. eSYOB is an online course on Start Your Own Business that will happen on July 7-30, 2020. The course is free to the public and could be had by registering at Since a face to face delivery of instructions is still prohibited due to virus, this online course is a must for all would-be-entrepreneurs.

Going back to Ms. Labitan’s story, she affirmed that entrepreneurs served as the backbone of our nation. Her 15 years of stay at the Institute has given her “happiness in terms of intellectual pursuit and continuous interaction with the student professionals motivating them to do their work with passion, conviction and commitment”. 

We will see more of Ma’am Connie through the various training programs the Institute is offering to Pinoypreneurs. Hoping the virus is totally eradicated soon so we could look forward to training, mentoring and coaching enthusiastic entrepreneurs.  



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