Showcasing Local MSMEs: Momilo Mio and its Toothsome Cheesecake

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Momilo Mio’s cheesecake was borne out of Annie Olegario’s passion for pastries, a passion that dated back to 1985 following her retirement. Back in the 80s, her cheesecake was simply a potluck idea for family reunions and birthday parties. But word about her authentic recipe eventually came out, and soon, her neighbors, friends, and former colleagues, all wanted a taste of her creamy treat. Wanting her cheesecake to sweeten other people’s special occasions, too, Annie decided to sell her delicacy through her relatives and friends. Her business eventually picked up from there. Today, Momilo Mio has numerous retailers across the country and counting. Annie’s daughter-in-law, Marivic Olegario, who now manages the business, has likewise made several refinements to Annie’s original recipe over the past few years – all of which were an instant hit. Reviewers from numerous television programs and Youtube vlogs are particularly fond of the soft, even texture of Momilo Mio’s cheesecake, as well as its perfect blend of sweetness and tanginess. Even its packaging design earned praise for its elegance and durability. All this, coupled with Annie’s continued motherly guidance and support, makes Momilo Mio one of the signature products of Cainta, Rizal.

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(Learn more about Momilo Mio! Visit their facebook page or watch their interview from My Puhunan with Ms. Karen Davila.



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  1. Triple i Reply

    Great article, thanks. I’ve been noticing a lot of businesses dealing more on food and delivery recently with covid-19. At the same time, people are also needing to spend money wisely, so it makes sense to cook for yourself imo.

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