Showcasing Local MSMEs: Dencio’s Sweets and Delicacies, a Must-have for a Filipino Christmas Menu!

September is upon us again. Yup, it means Showcasing Local MSMEs_Dencio’s Sweets and Delicaciessweets are in, and your diet plans can wait until the next year! But don’t fret. You wouldn’t want to miss out anyway on the glazed and velvety delicacies awaiting you this season. Just think of the creamy pastillas, the mushy macapuno, the ube-filled piaya, the ever-crispy banana chips, and, of course, those quaint and cute tarts. We know you want one already! So, what if we told you that you could get them all from one store? Would that make your early yuletide food shopping convenient? We bet it would! Here, then, is Dencio’s Sweets and Delicacies to cater to your sweet tooth. Dencio’s is the brainchild of the Bulacan-native and certified sweets lover, Benjie Reyes. The business started around three years ago, but it’s already gained

Showcasing Local MSMEs_Dencio’s Sweets and Delicacies
Dencio’s Pastillas, ripe for the picking!

countless regular patrons ever since. And why not? Aside from his all-hands-on-deck approach to business, he’s all for innovating Filipino treats. Dencio’s signature pastillas and piaya are the living proof for this. Dencio’s pastillas took the traditional recipe up a notch by giving it six new flavors: cashew, pinipig, coffee, langka, corn, and ube. And if you thought any milk was good enough for making his trademark product, you’d be wrong. Benjie uses only the freshest carabao milk straight from the dairy farms in Bulacan. This brings out the best of whatever pastillas flavor you pick. But maybe you want more than a

Showcasing Local MSMEs_Dencio’s Sweets and Delicacies
Careful, hot bread!

mouthful of sweets. Dencio’s piaya is for you in that case. Unlike regular piayas, Dencio’s version contains more of just about everyone’s favorite ube and muscovado filling. You’ll feel as though it’s oozing through the bread with every bite you take. Don’t believe us? Taste their signature creations to know for yourself! It’s already popular among children, candy lovers, and those looking for a foolproof holiday gift. In fact, he’s been getting large volumes of orders over the past two years from across the country that he now needs resellers. That, however, didn’t prevent Dencio’s menu from growing. Just recently, Dencio’s started retailing many other must-have delicacies for a Filipino Christmas Eve table. Among them, Choco polvoron, yema, mixed nuts, brownies, and lengua de gato. And to top it all off, you don’t have to leave your home to get their sugary treats; they deliver all year round. So, head to their Facebook page to see everything they have in store for you. Remember to order up now before the Christmas rush comes along!



For order inquiries, visit or contact:

Dencio’s Facebook Page (

Mr. Benjie Reyes (+63 920-616-1829)

Ms. Ruth Marasigan (+63 930-181-7805 /


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