Daddy Mikks invites everyone to share sparkles this season of giving

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Looking for something to give out this Christmas? This the season of giving, it’s time to thank those who bring sparkle to our lives: our family and friends. How great would it be to treat them to good food sprinkled with crunchy garlic bits fried to golden-brown perfection of Daddy Mikks Chilli Garlic Crunch and a whiff of strong garlicky and spicy smell of Daddy Mikks Chilli Shots.

Mikko Cordova conceptualized these delicious and addicting chilli garlic bits and chilli shots when they were meant for his diet only. Wanting to have a healthy lifestyle motivated him to prepare aromatic garlic bits as part of his diet recipes. He later on shared the garlic products to his family and friends and were liked by them. This started the ball rolling to offer highly versatile products that are meant to make every boring dish vibrant and enjoyable.

Each bottle of Daddy Mikks Chilli Garlic Bits and Chilli Shots are tastefully prepared and packaged, making for an excellent and convenient go-to condiment that you can almost sprinkle and splash on any of your favorite food.

The chilli shots is a potent chili garlic oil made with chili, garlic, salt, pepper, spices and vegetable oil. So you can already expect the garlicky flavors and spiciness each chilli shots drop.

You can find a bottle of Daddy Mikk’s Chilli Shots and Daddy Mikks Chilli and Garlic Bits on the following websites (,  Lazada, Online Kitchen Manila, Beauty Manila, Shopee and Amazon. It’s also available at numerous store outlets and from resellers in and outside Metro Manila. Daddy Mikks regularly updates its official Facebook page ( and Instagram account (daddymikks_official) with the whole list.

So are you excited to cook more yummy Pinoy meals now? Don’t forget to sprinkle Daddy Mikks chilli garlic bits and chilli shots for added linamnam! With Daddy Mikks products, the possibilities are endless! Buy local. Buy from MSMEs. #ISSIsupportsMSMEs

ISSI supports MSMEs daddy mikks_03


ISSI supports MSMEs daddy mikks

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