Showcasing Local MSMEs: Nanay Dorotea’s “Rellenong Bangus”

Higantes Food Products_Showcasing Local MSMEs Nanay Dorotea’s Rellenong Bangus
Higantes Food Products

Filipinos love to eat and love their food. One of those popular dishes they enjoy eating with other people and on special occasions is the rellenong bangus. This dish is a true labor of love with its unique process of preparation from the hard work of deboning, marinating and stuffing with all the ingredients and frying… you get the reward of eating a unique and delicious Filipino dish.

Higantes Food Products, a food and catering business managed by Ms. Merycel Morales existing for more than 20 years is located in Angono, Rizal. It is well known for its sumptuous rellenong bangus. The dish’s recipe came from Ms. Merycel’s mother, Dorotea. With its unique taste, the family then decided to offer Nanay Dorotea’s relleno to the town of Angono.

With their vision as a leading provider of quality yet affordable food products not only in Rizal but globally, Higantes Food Products are now being exported in Canada, the USA and other Asian countries. They also offer tasty Kalderetang Itik, Halayang Ube, Peanut Butter, Pork and Chicken Everlasting and Atsara.

Balanced with good service, quality and affordable products, Higantes Food Products has been recognized by the Samahan ng mga Rizaleno sa Sektor ng Agrikultura at Pagkain (SARAP) in 2016 and Top Grosser for Food Sector at Rizal Exporters and Manufacturers Fair in 2013.

One of the great things about Higantes Food Products tasty rellenong bangus is they offer you different variants to try on. They offer spicy relleno, cheesy rellenong bangus and relleno with ground pork. So with different taste preferences, no worries Ado and Dory’s rellenong bangus got you covered!

Higantes Food Products_Showcasing Local MSMEs Nanay Dorotea’s Rellenong Bangus

You may order by calling or message at 0975 530 0454 and 0949 474 4221 or you may visit their Facebook page House of Higantes Food Products. So looking for something? Make sure to try Higantes Food Products Rellenong Bangus… Add Flavor… Add Life!



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