Showcasing Local MSMEs: Stay Cool While Staying Safe with Rachelle’s Sherbet and Ice Cream!

It’s hard to admit you’ll have to shelve your summer vacation plans for the next year – again. No doubt, you’d been pining since the pandemic started for a sweating cocktail glass of pina colada while watching the sunrise on a tropic isle. Then, without warning, the bad news came along: community quarantine rules have gotten stricter, and new cases of COVID-19 infections have risen to UP ISSI supports MSMEs Rachelle's Sherbet and Ice Creamunprecedented levels. It’s frustrating, we know. But who says you can’t cool off and relax while keeping yourself safe at home? A scoop of Rachelle’s sherbet and ice cream will quickly get you on that picturesque beachfront – in spirit, that is!

Rachelle’s Ice Cream and Sherbet is a proud creation of Rachelle Pilares-Buenaventura, a veteran, self-taught confectioner from Pandi, Bulacan. Before opening her business in 2010, she had been an ice cream connoisseur for a decade, never missing every ice cream expo she could get herself invited to. Her goal then was simple: learn the trade secrets of local and imported brands so she could one dayUP ISSI supports MSMEs Rachelle's Sherbet and Ice Cream make her version of everyone’s favorite frozen treat. True enough, every bowl of yogurt, every glass of milkshake, and every scoop of sorbet she ever had has acquainted her taste buds with the different flavors of the world. Armed with her sophisticated palate
and stick-to-itiveness, she eventually put an apron on and worked for months on end over her dream recipes. The first buckets of ice cream she whipped up (which came in seven flavors: cheese, coconut, melon, ube, mango, avocado, and cookies and cream) sure hit the mark. Its first critics, no other than her siblings and neighbors, fell for her treat after having just a spoonful of it. And why not? It melts pleasantly and slowly in one’s mouth. It’s consistently smooth and never gets coarse even after being refrigerated for weeks. And, above all, its rich, creamy taste lingers on your tongue, tempting you to dig your spoon back into that glistening mound of cold sweet snack. But what set Rachelle’s sherbet and UP ISSI supports MSMEs Rachelle's Sherbet and Ice Creamice cream apart from her competitors’ are her all-organic ingredients. Yup, all of Rachelle’s products are made only from the freshest fruits and milk sourced from various farms within Bulacan. Rachelle always says that she’d rather not sell ice cream at all than make one using artificial sweeteners. Thanks to her mantra, she’s once been featured on the Department of Trade and Industry’s website and has earned countless clients in Metro Manila. Weddings, birthdays, holiday celebrations – you name it, Rachelle caters to it! But you don’t have to order from Rachelle in bulk to taste everything she has in store for you. She sells and delivers right at your doorstep a gallon of any of your favorite ice cream! So, order up now before your next weekend movie marathon.


UP ISSI supports MSMEs Rachelle's Sherbet and Ice Cream

For order inquiries, please contact Ms. Rachelle Pilares-Buenaventura (owner) through her cell phone number +63 9955061712. She delivers anywhere Metro Manila

You can also visit the Facebook page of Rachelle’s Sherbet and Ice Cream and to see their new product offerings (

Rachelle’s Sherbet and Ice Cream is located at Cacarong Matanda, Pandi, Bulacan, Philippines.

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*All images displayed here are from and owned by Rachelle’s Sherbet and Ice Cream.


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