Showcasing Piagetian Guided Education Center: A School with a Heart for Kids!

ISSI supports MSMEs Piagetian Guided Educational CenterPrimary education is arguably the most consequential stage in every child’s learning journey. It’s when they build a strong sense of self, meet new people, and discover the world around them. There’s no doubt that whatever step they take in their formative years will profoundly affect who they become tomorrow. Choosing the right school for your child is thus a decision that you should put a lot of thought into. An ideal school is one whose environment fosters your child’s empathy towards his or her fellow human being and one where teachers have the patience of a saint, the inventiveness of an artist, and the wisdom of a sage. Piagetian Guided Educational Center, for nursery to grade eight children, is one such school.

ISSI supports MSMEs Piagetian Guided Educational CenterThe Piagetian Guided Educational Center (PGEC) was established in 1983 by teacher Lourdes De Jesus Alcantara with one aim: to make each child unlock his or her fullest potentials in a safe and intellectually stimulating setting. True to this, PGEC’s curriculum is attuned to the four stages of cognitive development as theorized by the renowned Swiss child psychologist, Jean Piaget. In the sensorimotor stage, where a child gains knowledge of the physical world by interacting with it, PGEC introduces its pupils to a foreign language with the aid of computers. In the preoperational stage, where a child begins to think at a more abstract or symbolic level, PGEC pupils learn basic robotics, mathematics, engineering, and art. PGEC builds upon this education in the concrete operational stage, where pupils can form more organized and rational thought. ISSI supports MSMEs Piagetian Guided Educational CenterFinally, in the formal operational stage, characterized by the child’s cognitive maturity, PGEC encourages its pupils to independently manipulate concepts to construct new ideas. It’s also in this stage where PGEC places students with special needs in general education classrooms for the purpose of improving their socialization skills and further uplifting their self-esteem. PGEC knows, however, that academic excellence accounts for just half of what the pupils need to get ahead in life; values education is indispensable, too. This is why PGEC pupils learn from day one the importance of the “3Rs,” namely respect for others, responsibility for one’s actions, and continuous self-refinement.

The COVID-19 Pandemic is also no barrier to PGEC’s delivery of quality education. In fact, its virtual education system has been in place long before the pandemic started. If you want to make sure that PGEC is the perfect second home for your child, sign him or her up on PGEC’s ongoing summer programs. PGEC offers creative play and thinking arts class for children ages two to four, Chinese language class for children three years old and up, reading and math class for children ages two to four, robotics class for children five years and older, and Taekwondo clinic for children four years old and above. There are more summer programs PGEC offers than we could list here! So, go ahead and check out their website and Facebook page. We’re sure your child will like it at PGEC on his or his first day – all its current pupils do after all! Just read their parents’ reviews on Facebook if you’re in doubt. They hail PGEC as the “best learning center for kids” and commend it for having “the most dedicated teachers” whom their children consider as family.

For inquiries about the school, enrollment requirements, and admission policies, please call teacher Lourdes De Jesus Alcantara at +63 917-514-0883 (cell phone) or  8372-6379 (landline).
You can also visit the Facebook page of Piagetian Guided Educational Center for more information (
Piagetian Guided Educational Center is located at Scout Reyes St., Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines.
Piagetian Guided Educational Center
ISSI supports MSMEs Piagetian Guided Educational Center

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