Showcasing MSMEs: A&B Professional Pest Solutions Corporation, Your Ally in the War on Pests!

Staying at home is one of the best ways to protect yourself from COVID-19. But staying anywhere for extended periods often means increasing your waste footprint there. This footprint is sure to attract unwanted visitors – those carrying germs causing typhoid fever, salmonellosis, dengue, leptospirosis, dysentery, listeriosis, giardia, trachoma, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, and many more! Sure, a flypaper, bug zapper, or insect repellent might kill one or two unsuspecting pests every now and then. Bear in mind, though, that they multiply at an astonishing rate. A single female mouse, for instance, can birth anywhere between 15 to 140 pups a year. Not to be outdone, a single female cockroach can produce up to 300 offspring within its one-year lifetime! So, it’s not a stretch to think that there are hundreds of them rummaging in your garbage, hiding underneath the clutter at your garage, eating up your upholstery from the inside, or boring through your rice dispenser while you’re reading this! Time to call in the big guns – and, by that, we mean A&B Professional Pest Solutions Corporation, an armed force that has all the firepower you need to fight back and win!

UP ISSI supports MSMEs A&B Professional Pest Solutions
A&B’s battle-hardened soldiers, locked and loaded

A&B has been ridding homes, offices, and other establishments of pesky and unsightly critters for almost two decades, making it a battle-hardened veteran in our protracted war on pests. Unlike traditional exterminators, A&B employs a long-term, ecosystem-based, and environmentally-sensitive

UP ISSI supports MSMEs A&B Professional Pest Solutions
A diagram of how A&B’s IPM strategy works (courtesy of the Green Advantage)

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy, which combines biological, habitat, mechanical, and chemical controls. Biological controls refer to employing the pests’ natural enemies, i.e., predators or competitors, to drive these pests out of their habitat or reduce their population. Mechanical controls, meanwhile, involve laying traps, barriers, and similar devices around the pests’ former habitat to prevent or deter them from coming back. Cultural controls, on the other hand, modify certain practices, e.g., food storage or sanitation techniques, to make a certain area unsuitable for future pest establishment, reproduction, or survival. Lastly, chemical controls pertain to the use of pesticides to deal with numerous hard-to-kill pests in difficult-to-reach areas.

UP ISSI supports MSMEs A&B Professional Pest Solutions What makes A&B’s IPM strategy stand out is that it sets an action threshold or, more particularly, determines which of the four types of control is sufficient in exterminating pests in a given environment. That’s right, A&B uses harmful chemical agents only as a last resort, and when they use these agents, they do so judiciously to protect our ecosystem and your loved ones. No surprise, then, that A&B’s IPM strategy has been internationally recognized and prescribed for all farms and food-manufacturing factories worldwide. And, if it’s good enough for what you eat, surely, it’s got to be good enough for your home. So, try out A&B’s services yourself and avail of its free consultation and inspection services. We’re sure you’ll be just as satisfied with them as all their clients have been. A&B, after all, pays a high premium on quantifiable results, not just effort.

Remember, you don’t have to fight the silent invaders alone. You may win a few, small battles, but that’s not enough to change the war’s outcome. Reach out for professional reinforcement; call A&B pest solutions now!


To know more about A&B’s services, please visit the A&B’s website ( or Facebook page ( to know more about their services. A&B also disinfects workplaces or houses to kill COVID-19 Virus.

You may also contact: +63 9054964550 and +63 9510624830

A&B Professional Pest Solutions Corporation is located at the Ground Floor of Monterey Building at Genesis St., Centro de San Lorenzo, Santa Rosa, 4026 Laguna, Philippines
UP ISSI supports MSMEs A&B Professional Pest Solutions
UP ISSI supports MSMEs A&B Professional Pest Solutions

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