Showcasing Local MSMEs: EA Casedo’s Embroidery

Showcasing Local MSMEs: EA Casedo’s Embroidery, your go-to place for Barongs, Filipiniana, Gowns, and Anything in Between!

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Weddings, graduations, baptisms, and inauguration ceremonies are just a few of the many social events that we Filipinos have to attend come hell or high water. And whether you’re the bride, the groom, the guest of honor, or whatnot, you don’t want to look unkempt the first time you’re seen in public. Remember, the fashion police on social media do not look kindly on shabby outfits even during a pandemic! You definitely have to look sharp, and, to do that, you need the help of experienced dressmakers or, better yet, Mr. and Mrs. Rey and Analie Casedo.

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In that dress, he’ll say “I do” the moment he lays his eyes on you!

Since the late 1980s, the Casedos have sewn just about every type of barong and filipiniana you would want photographers to see you in on any occasion. Piña, Abaca, Organza, Jusi, Jusilyn – you name your fabric, they can make a stunning dress out of it in a couple of weeks! And if you thought they’re just another seamstress and seamster on the block, you’d be wrong. Their clients, mind you, are no less than Senate presidents, members of Congress, diplomats, Chancellors of the University of the Philippines, and, yes, even Philippine Presidents. (We wouldn’t recommend their clothing line if we haven’t tried them out ourselves!) We bet you’ve already seen their barongs and filipinianas on the nightly news being modeled by high-ranking officials in the plenary hall or the Malacañang Palace. And if you want to put on the same charm that statespeople have when they hit the podium, go ahead, pick up your phone, and book an appointment with them!

In case you’re wondering, their key to keeping such a distinguished roster of clients through the years lies in three things. First, they buy their fabric straight from the most exclusive sources in Aklan, Bicol, and Laguna. Without any middleman, they can personally inspect the quality of each yard of fabric they purchase, and, more importantly , the farmers 

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Of course, Casedo’s have something for the men, too!

they transact with earn more. (Talk about responsible consumerism!) Second, they involve their clients in every stage of the dressmaking process, from designing to draping and styling. The finished product will thus be just as you imagined it! Third, they embrace a no-I-in-a-team kind of work ethos. As Mr. Rey Casedo proudly shared with us, he and his wife and children don’t just make dresses in the same room, they’re each other’s biggest critics, too. If one of them sees something a wee bit off in the others’ work, they won’t hesitate to point it out and make constructive suggestions. You, as their client, will no doubt get the best of many worlds. Trust us this isn’t a marketing cliche. If you spend a day at their shop, you’ll feel the teamwork vibe they give off; you’ll also get some hefty discounts if you’re into that!

So, call them now before next year’s wedding rush comes along!



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For inquiries regarding EA Casedo’s products, please contact +63 916-575-3448.
You may also visit their Facebook page at
EA Casedo’s Emboidery is located at 7FP5+R6R, Lumban, Laguna

Note: All images displayed here are from and owned by EA Casedo’s Embroidery


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