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Looking to Increase the Yield of Your Aquaculture Hatchery While Reducing Operating Cost?  Meet Juan Algae Paste, a Game-changer in the Aquaculture Industry

Did you know that, on average, 90 million Filipinos consume about a million metric tons of milkfish, tilapia, shrimp, and crabs annually? That’s a jaw-dropping figure to many, but, if you’re in the fisheries industry, our penchant for these water-dwelling delicacies is hardly surprising. The Philippines, after all, is an archipelagic country nestled in one of the world’s most bountiful waters. 

A typical small-scale tilapia hatchery in the Philippines. Credit to Agriculture Magazine Philippines

What’s shocking is the staggering price tag that comes with constructing and operating microalgae facilities for your fish hatchlings. If you’re planning to have one, you need to dole out a capital investment anywhere north of PHP 300,000. This amount covers the cost of photo-bioreactors and laboratory apparatuses; large cold storage equipment; consultancy fees; permits and licenses; new powerlines; hazard mitigation devices; and, of course, a ton of training seminars for farmhands. And, by the way, don’t forget about your PHP 25,000 monthly maintenance expenses!

Now, many small-scale aquaculture and hatchery operators try to avoid footing the bill by using imported frozen Algal pastes instead, but these pastes have at least two serious drawbacks. First, as with anything imported, they’re quite expensive, and their deliveries can be subject to unforeseeable delays. Second, they contain inactive microalgae, which, pound for pound, contains less nutrients than live ones.



So, what if we told you that you didn’t have to choose between a rock and a hard place? Wouldn’t it be something? Meet Juanjuan algae logo Algae, the first locally produced ready-to-use, chemical-free, and environment-friendly aquaculture feed from Algacon Aquafeeds Manufacturing (AAM). Each one-kilogram pack of Juan Algae contains a concentrated amount of four live microalgae species, i.e., Tetraselmis sp., Nannochloropsis sp., Chaetoceros calcitrans, and Chlorella vulgaris, guaranteed to turbocharge your hatchery. Unlike frozen algal pastes, live microalgae cells can absorb additional nutrients that zooplanktons and other aquaculture commodities need to mature rapidly. Thus, your finished product (be it tilapia, shrimp, or milkfish) will have better health and a higher survival rate. But that’s not where the good news stop. Since Juan Algae contains viable microalgae that can reproduce, you will need 50% less Juan Algae than frozen algal paste to raise the same volume of hatchlings! Unsurprisingly, using Juan Algae can slash at least PHP 7,000 from your monthly operating expenses while increasing your production yield by around 20%! These findings have been repeatedly verified since 2015 by the University of the Philippines Visayas and the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic, and Natural Resources Research and Development of DOST.

juan algae products
Juan Algae products



Juan Algae comes in three varieties that cater to specific aquaculture commodities. The green seawater algal paste is recommended for rotifers, which you will eventually feed to milkfish, green mussels, mangrove crabs, and other high-valued aquaculture species. The Chlorella paste, meanwhile, is intended for tilapia, eels, and other tropical aquarium fishes, such as Moina and Daphnia. Lastly, the Chaeto paste is most suited as a direct feed to shrimps.

Juan Algae was first introduced in the market in 2017, but this pioneering product has already gained countless citations, awards, and, more importantly, satisfied clients. If you’re still in doubt, head to their Facebook page for testimonials. What you have to see for yourself, though, is AAM’s excellent customer service. Indeed, from the moment they greet you to the moment you cart off your first Juan Algae, they’ll treat you not just as a business partner but also as a family. And why wouldn’t they? Juan Algae’s chief inventor and AAM’s owner, Soledad S. Garibay, is a microalgae specialist advocating growth and sustainability for small and medium-scale aquatic farmers. Supporting them, she claims, is key to achieving food security in a maritime country such as ours.

If you’re ready to turbocharge your hatchery or looking for innovative algal-based solutions for a myriad of agricultural and aquacultural problems, pick up that phone and contact Algacon Aquafeeds Manufacturing now!




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