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Sweeten up Your Sugarcane Profits with Nutrio®, a New Breed of Affordable and Easy-to-use Bio-fertilizer that Will Increase Your Yield by 30%!

nutrio product
Nutrio product

Sugar, with its near-limitless applications, is among the most important chemical compounds on our planet. Not only is it a key ingredient in a myriad of culinary dishes, including pastries and wines. It’s also indispensable in making pharmaceutical formulations, ethanol fuels, bioplastics for planes, cellulose-based foils, preservatives for cut flowers, adhesives, paper, textiles, and many more! Still unimpressed? Well, your brain and eye muscles need a copious amount of it, too, in the form of glucose, to turn your device on and read this.

So, if you’re in the sugarcane industry or thinking of getting in, you’re in the right track. There’s just one big hairy challenge ahead, though: meeting the ever-increasing demand for sugar. Sure, a big sugarcane plantation can breeze past higher and higher production quota targets anytime of the year. But their smaller and more numerous counterparts, without help, will get drowned out of business. That’s why Virginia Padilla, Ph.D., the cofounder of Fullmight Agricultural Corporation, is here to assist with her pioneering Nutrio®.

nutrio figure
Figure by: Wizzard Technologies, Inc.

Nutrio® is a foliar spray bio-fertilizer that contains nitrogen-fixing endophytic bacteria, guaranteed by the University of the Philippines Los Baños and the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) to do three things. First, give your plantation around 30% higher yield by improving your plants’ ability to assimilate nutrients. Second, reduce your dependence on expensive inorganic nitrogen fertilizers, such as urea, by as much as 50%. And third, promote the long-term sustainability of your land by mitigating chemical pollutions in it. The icing on the cake is that a kilo of Nutrio® costs five times less than the same amount of many other leading fertilizers! Check out the graph below to see for yourself.

To achieve your desired results, every hectare of your sugarcane plantation must receive two kilos of Nutrio®. Don’t worry; using

nutrio inventor virginia padilla
Dr. Padilla, the inventor of Nutrio®, personally inspecting her client’s farm

Nutrio® is a walk in the park! Simply dilute one kilo of Nutrio® in 1,000 liters of water and spray the resulting solution evenly on your two-month-old sugarcane leaves. After another two months, repeat the process, and come harvest time, you’ll see a huge difference in your profit margin. Many proud Nutrio® users already did. Take, for instance, the three sugarcane planters in Bukidnon, Region 3, and Region 6, who, after using Nutrio® since 2018, have increased their sugarcane yield by several tons (see details below). Their profit per hectare likewise increased to up to PHP 72,744!

nutrio figure

Now, if you’re cultivating crops other than sugar, Dr. Padilla has good news for you! Ongoing studies show that Nutrio® works just as well on rice, papaya, jackfruit, guyabano, rambutan, eggplant, corn, rose mallow, pumpkin, and many more. The list of Nutrio®-compatible crops keeps getting longer by the week, thanks no less to Dr. Padilla’s drive for continuous innovation. No wonder she’s received countless grants and awards from a handful of research institutes, including the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic, and Natural Resources Research and Development of DOST. So, order Nutrio® now, and have your own sugary sweet success story!




To know more about Nutrio®, please visit the Fullmight Agricultural Corporation’s website  or Facebook page . 

You may also contact: +63 917887854

Fullmight Agricultural Corporation is located at 1856 Hillside Village, Los Baños, Laguna 4030 Philippines.

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