Showcasing MSMEs: Aggabao Furniture

Showcasing Local MSMEs: Aggabao Furniture’s Budget-friendly and Elegant Hardwood Furniture that Lasts a Lifetime!

If there’s a silver lining to being cooped up at home for weeks on end, it’s that you get to see how much sprucing up your home needs. Look around you, and you’re sure to see a thing or two that sticks out like a sore thumb. Maybe your old cupboard doesn’t jibe with your bedroom’s contemporary aesthetic. Maybe your kids have outgrown their five-year-old bed frame. Maybe the old dining chairs you found in your backyard don’t slide under your new table. Or maybe your TV stand is too small for the QLED TV you’ve been itching to buy these past few months. 

aggabao furniture
One of Aggabao Furniture’s latest masterpieces. You and your kids are sure to make a lot of happy memories in furniture set like this!

Whatever your reasons are for buying new furniture, make sure to look for one that’s made of wood. Aggabao Furniture, a leading furniture manufacturer in Antipolo since 2007, gives your four reasons why.

Longevity and durability 

Plastic may have been hailed in the 1950s as the new wonder material, given its ductility, lightness, and water resistance. But all of plastic’s strong points come with one critical drawback: a short lifespan. Plastic gets brittle over time due to sunlight, heat, and stress – which is why you’ve never heard of heirloom plastic furniture! Wood furniture, on the other hand, lives through different generations, passing on important life stories from one family to another. 


Wood is a renewable resource; plastic, which comes from hydrocarbons or fossil fuels, isn’t. Wood products also require less energy to manufacture than metal or plastic. In fact, according to the United Nations, the carbon stored by wood products offset all the greenhouse emissions involved in making them.  

Classy and stylish

Nothing says fine craftsmanship better than wood grain with a glossy protective finish. Unlike metal or plastic that can be melted and poured into a mold by a machine, wood has to be carefully chiseled down by hand to the desired shape. This exacting process can take several weeks to months to complete, depending on how intricate the desired shape is. And, if the woodworker makes just one wrong etch, he or she may have to start over again with a new block of wood. Indeed, the amount of talent, expertise, time, and effort that go into making even a tiny piece of wooden furniture makes it a head-turner anywhere you put it!

aggabao furniture
Aggabao Furniture is expert in wood sculpting! They call this piece “Anhel in Mahogany”.


Wood furniture, some say, is more expensive than its plastic counterparts. This is true, however, if you don’t account for the wood furniture’s lifespan, and if you buy from famous international brands. But who says you have to buy from expensive stores? Visit a local furniture manufacturer like Aggabao Furniture instead, and get more value for your money!

Aggabao Furniture not only meets every criterion you look for in a furniture manufacturer but also gives you a lot more. Its owner, Edna V. Aggabao, an ardent environmentalist, sources lumber exclusively from suppliers that adhere to internationally-accepted sustainable logging practices. In fact, she regularly visits her suppliers to personally check whether they’re observing the approved logging cycles and converting logged areas into a plantation for commercially viable trees. Moreover, in her shop, virtually nothing goes to waste because she’s got a knack for converting scrap wood into showroom-quality artwork like the one you can see below.

Of course, Aggabao Furniture doesn’t just make guilt-free products; it makes exceptional guilt-free products without the hefty price tag. Just ask their growing list of satisfied clients, which include big businesses in Makati and Pasay, national government offices like the Department of Trade and Industry, state universities and colleges, and regular homeowners across the country. 

What makes their products exceptional, you ask? Well, first, its team consists of people with over a decade of woodworking experience under their belts. They’ve made countless credenzas, armoires, nightstands, wood sculptures, coffee tables, benches, sofas, bookcases, dressers, and what have you over the years. Second, its owner has developed a top-secret blend of protective coating chemicals that brings out the best in any wood furniture it touches. Compare its products with other wood furniture, and you’ll see the difference! All this doesn’t make its products expensive, because it’s not leasing any shopping mall space, and it’s sourcing its raw materials locally. Still unimpressed? Well, Edna can give you special discounts!

So, if you want cheap budget-friendly elegant hardwood furniture that not only lasts a lifetime but is also made in an environmentally sustainable way, call Aggabao Furniture now. Give your home or office a new look for the coming new year! 



For inquiries regarding Aggabao Furniture’s products, please contact Ms. Edna V. Aggabao at +63 956-1866-199. You may also visit Aggabao Furniture’s Facebook page to see their latest works.

Aggabao Furniture is located at Lot 5, Blk. 23, Maries Village II, Phase 1, Agnes St., Mayamot, Antipolo City.


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