Showcasing MSMEs: Agricom Best Foods Corporation’s Chevlamb

Goat Meat on the Go!

Calding to Chevlamb. Did you know that the Ilocano word for “kambing” or goat is “calding”? agricom-best-foods-logo

With this thought Agricom Best Foods Corporation President, Mr. Samuel Cariño noted, “why don’t we conceptualize a business where the goat can be put in a can and we call it “Chevlamb”, calding in a can or goat in a can”.

Agricom Best Foods Corporation was established in 2016 as a subsidiary company of Agricomponent Corporation, which is a leading agri-machinery manufacturer and distributor in the Province of Isabela. It was established to handle the food-related line of business of the Agricomponent Corporation after all they are engaged in selling live animals such as goats and pigs.

Agricom Best Foods Corporation's Chevlamb
Chevlamb products

With that idea, Agricom Best Foods Corporations approached and enrolled in the Isabela State University Agri-Aqua Technology Business Incubation (ISU-ATBI) to help them process their chevon meat products adapting the technologies of chevon canning.

Chevon or goat’s meat is not the Filipino’s conventional choice of meat products but it is slowly penetrating the market due to its low fat and cholesterol, rich in protein, vitamins and minerals which makes it a healthy product. It is also an acceptable source of animal protein within many cultures and religions.

And as a way of promoting the country’s famous local dishes, Agricom Best Foods Corporation is making chevon available in canned products in adobo, kaldereta and kilawin . They also offer vacuum-packed chevon prime cuts for prolonged storage of the meat and command a higher price compared to selling the goat on per head basis.

Currently, Agricom Best Foods chevon products are available within the Cagayan Valley region and as Mr. Cariño said, “With our readily available canned chevon product in the Isabela region, we are targeting the Philippine Army in providing responsive aid such as relief goods for their ongoing operations in typhoon-affected communities”.

With their vision of helping the communities, Agricom Best Foods products will also be available in other regions in the near future.

So if you are looking for a delicious option for dinner, why not try the Chevlamb of Agricom Best Foods product? You may order through 0917 996 1616 or email them at 



Showcasing MSMEs: Agricom Best Foods Corporation's Chevlamb



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