Agri Technologies Up for Grabs: Matching Innovative Enterprises with the Industry

The Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) spearheaded the “Agri Technologies Up for Grabs,” a round table discussion and business matching activity for the first batch of beneficiaries of the LIPAD Project on February 28, 2023. The event was conducted at the BA Securities Hall located in the PCCI Building in Taguig City, and online through Zoom.

Agri Technologies Up for Grabs: Matching Innovative Enterprises with the Industry
LIPAD enterprise founders and representatives, and officials and staff of PCCI, UP ISSI, and DOST PCAARRD pose for a group photo following the round table discussion

The activity was co-organized by the University of the Philippines Institute for Small-Scale Industries (UP ISSI) and the Department of Science and Technology Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic, and Natural Resources Research and Development (DOST PCAARRD). It showcased the products of the seven LIPAD startups that were also the first recipients of the DOST PCAARRD Startup Grant Fund 

LIPAD, which stands for “Levelling up of Innovative Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources-based Startups/Spin-offs through Promotion, Assistance and Development,” is a collaborative project between the DOST PCAARRD and UP ISSI. It aims to provide support and assistance to Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources (AANR)-based enterprises by offering commercialization support, capability building, mentorship, and business matching services. 

The event was formally opened by Mr. George T. Barcelon, President of the PCCI. He highlighted that the event provided an excellent platform for the startups to showcase their innovations and receive feedback from the industry. This feedback could be valuable in helping the startups improve their products, and potentially lead to their growth and success. 

Mr. Barcelon emphasized that the PCCI advocates for the growth of Philippine micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and the agriculture sector, and aims to link these with potential partners through information sharing, trade fairs, and business matching, among others.

Noel Catibog photo
Mr. Noel A. Catibog delivers keynote speech

The keynote speaker, Mr. Noel A. Catibog, Director of the Technology Transfer and Promotion Division of the DOST PCAARRD, expressed his excitement for the first batch of startup grantees and their innovations. He stated that the DOST PCAARRD is intent on helping Filipinos through research and development efforts. 

However, he emphasized that these efforts are all for naught if the innovations are overlooked. That is why Mr. Catibog expressed his gratitude towards PCCI for connecting the LIPAD enterprises with the industry. He encouraged everyone to help startup technologies serve the people.

During the event, each startup was allocated a total of five minutes to present their pitch deck to the audience. The allotted time allowed the startups to deliver concise and informative presentations and capture the attention of their target partners.

Here is a brief summary of the LIPAD enterprises, along with their product offerings and the business partners they are seeking:

Fullmight Agricultural Corp. – produces Nutrio, a microbial-based biofertilizer for sugarcane and other crops. The enterprise is seeking distributors in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, as well as client farmers, as business partners.

Elbitech Inc. – offers Acticon, a biocontrol solution against the Panama disease that infects bananas. The enterprise is seeking investors and a national distributor as business partners.

Algacon Aquafeeds Manufacturing – produces Juan Algae, a ready-to-use, chemical-free, and eco-friendly microalgae paste instant feed that can be a substitute for on-site algal culture. The enterprise is seeking nursery and fishpond operators, and national government agencies as business partners.

Blitzkrieg Animal Diagnostic Center – manufactures Andali Rapid Test Kits that detect various transboundary animal diseases and viral antigens in swine, livestock and poultry. The enterprise is seeking provincial distributors as business partners.

BDOZ Veterinary Products – offers BDOZ Betel Nut Dewormer, an organic poultry anthelmintic made from locally-sourced natural ingredients that can reduce and eliminate intestinal worms in chickens. The enterprise is seeking poultry associations and distributors as business partners.

Verabella Enterprises Limited Co. – produces Daerrys Tilapia Ice Cream and Cookies, a healthy alternative to traditional sweet treats with high protein and zero preservative content. The enterprise is seeking distributors and resellers as business partners.

Agricom Best Foods Corp. – offers ChevLamb, a high-protein, low-fat chevon dish available in a can or vacuum pack. It is made from tender cuts of goat meat and is offered in three local flavors – kaldereta, kilawin, and adobo. The enterprise is seeking contract growers and distributors as business partners.

The Round Table Discussion was concluded by Prof. Melanie M. Moraga-Leaño, Director of the UP ISSI. She expressed her appreciation for the synergy among diverse organizations during the event. She stressed the importance of seeing things from multiple perspectives to establish and maintain good relationships, which is essential in achieving success. 

Prof. Leaño thanked the PCCI, the DOST PCAARRD, the UP ISSI LIPAD Project Management headed by Ms. Marsha Lee A. Delfinado for making the event possible. She congratulated the LIPAD grantees for their successful pitches and reminded them of the importance of taking feedback into account for future opportunities.

After the round table discussion, the business matching session was held at the PCCI Boardroom, providing an opportunity for the seven participating enterprises to meet with potential partners and collaborators. Among those who expressed interest and made inquiries were potential investors, distributors, resellers, marketers, and network representatives.

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With inputs from UP ISSI intern, Erielle Martha Anica P. Arceo, UP Integrated School, ABM SHS student

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